Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre (SP2RC)


Academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Professor Michael Balikhin
Deputy Head of SP2RC
B25, Amy Johnson Building 25628 Professor of Space Systems
Dr Istvan Ballai H9 23833 vcard Solar plasma physics, linear and nonlinear waves
Dr Viktor Fedun C09, Amy Johnson Building 25197 Solar plasma physics, linear and nonlinear waves, kinetic plasma theory, MHD simulations
Dr Rekha Jain H24 23732 vcard Solar physics, Helioseismology, MHD
Dr Eun-Jin Kim H13 23876 vcard Solar/stellar physics, magnetically confined fusion plasmas, fluid dynamics, turbulence, self-organisation, intermittency
Dr Simon A Pope C7d, Amy Johnson Building 25186 Magnetic field onboard spacecraft; BAE Systems
Prof Michael Ruderman
H8 23717 vcard Hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics. Waves and instablities. Applications to solar and space physics.
Dr Gary Verth G37 23828 vcard Solar MHD waves
Professor Róbertus von Fáy-Siebenbürgen
Head of SP2RC
H16 23832 vcard Solar physics, MHD Waves, Instabilities, Solitons
Dr Joab Winkler Room 151, DCS 21834 Reader in the Department of Computer Science, Image processing

Support staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Mike Griffiths - 21126 - Scientific Officer
Martha Ridley F10 23761 vcard Research support

Honorary/Guest Members
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Yi Li H23 23882 vcard Theoretical and numerical studies of turbulence. Large eddy simulation and sub-grid scale modeling.
Dr Nils Mole G28 23772 vcard Turbulent diffusion
Dr Koji Ohkitani G13 23861 vcard
Dr Alastair Williamson (part time) H23 23740 vcard Solar MHD waves
Dr Ashley Willis H12 23746 vcard
Noemi Zsámberger H23 vcard Solar MHD Waves/ Visiting Erasmus+

Research Associates
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Richard Boynton B22, Amy Johnson Building 25234 vcard Magnetosphere physics, Space Weather
Dr Andrew Leonard G31 vcard Solar MHD simulations
Dr Jiajia Liu H19 vcard MHD Jets, Observations and Simulations
Dr Stuart Mumford H23 23712 vcard MHD Simulations, SunPy Expert, DKIST Software Development
Dr Chris Nelson H23 23712 vcard Solar MHD theory, observations
Dr Ben Snow H17 vcard MHD Simulations, Waves
Dr Simon Walker B22, Amy Johnson Building 25234 Magnetosphere, Space Weather

Postgraduate Students
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Anwar Aldhafeeri I6b vcard
Matthew Allcock H23 23712 vcard
Mihai Barbulescu I23 vcard
Sam Bennett H23 23856 vcard
Dr Ioannis Giagkiozis H23 23712 vcard
Norbert Gyenge H23 23712 vcard Remote location, DHO (Hungary)
Marianna Korsos H22 23803 vcard Remote location, DHO (Hungary)
Fionnlagh Mackenzie Dover H23 23712 vcard
James Mather H23 23712 vcard
Jivraj Pipaliya vcard Dept of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering
Tamas Sandor Kiss H23 23712 vcard Remote location, Debrecen University
Rahul Sharma H23 23712 vcard
Daria Y Shukhobodskaia H23 23712 vcard
Alex Shukhobodskiy I23 vcard
Hope Thackray H25 vcard
Eleanor Vickers H23 23712 vcard